New updates and improvements to Pima
More documents with a paid plan.

More documents with a paid plan.

Our Starter plan now allows for 3 documents instead of 1! Need ideas of documents to share with your prospects? Here are a few that Pima’s users most commonly share.

  • SOC 2 Report: Share your SOC 2 report in confidence, knowing that it will be watermarked with the requester’s information and protected with a real e-signed NDA.

  • ISO 27001 Certificate: Less lengthy than a SOC 2 report, but still important to prove your adherence to the ISO 27001 standard.

  • Security Policies: Some prospects want to dive deeper than the content of your SOC 2 report, so share with them your internal Security Policies.

  • Pentest Results: Running an annual Pentest against your application? Prospects want to know that the findings were remediated, so it’s good practice to obtain a summary of the report provided by the security researchers showing that all findings have been acknowledged and worked on.

  • Security Questionnaires: SIGLite, CAIQ, VSAQ, custom ones, you name it. With Pima’s recent support for Excel documents, you can now share any Security questionnaire of your choice with prospects.

  • Infrastructure Diagrams: A great incentive for prospects to fill out their details on a Request Center. Pima can also act as a lead-gen tool for your Sales and Marketing team. Don’t forget to connect to HubSpot to sync your Pima contacts!

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