New updates and improvements to Pima
Support for a native HubSpot integration.

Support for a native HubSpot integration.

Integrating Pima with HubSpot allows you to synchronize your Pima contacts to HubSpot as your prospects request or receive documents.

Capture leads from Pima's request center.

Capture contact details and automatically upload them to HubSpot every time a prospect requests a document from one of your Request Centers.

Synchronize contact details from Pima to HubSpot

Pima will automatically send contact details to HubSpot whenever a new contact is added to Pima. This feature allows you to add a contact to Pima on the fly to share compliance documents, without having to worry about manually adding them to HubSpot as well.

We are very excited about this native integration to HubSpot. Pima supports also supports integrations with Zapier and Slack.