Multiple Request Centers

With this release, Pima is moving away from a single “Default” Request Center and adds support for multiple of them.


Use Cases

Blog Post & Press Releases

Are you writing about your new SOC2 Type I or SOC2 Type II report? Might as well allow prospects and customers to request it by filling out a form! By doing this you can collect lead information for your sales team. That’s right, you can now use Pima as a Leadgen tool to add to your multiple channels.

Legal Documents

Tired of sending the same contracts over and over? Group your Non Disclosure Agreements (NDA) and Data Protection Addendum (DPA for GDPR) together and allow your customers to request them.

Security Page

Combine all your Security documents in one page. Pentest results, SOC2 Reports, Infrastructure diagrams, anything goes. Set your documents to require an NDA signature before being sent out and free up some time to work on the things that you like. Let Pima do the heavy lifting while collecting prospects information

Leverage Compliance Documents for Leadgen

With this release, your sales team can safely advertise security documents and gather information from customers, prospects, and leads. This gives your team an additional channel to go after large enterprise clients.

Live example

See how Datatura is using to share confidential documents with their customers and prospects.