New updates and improvements to Pima


More documents with a paid plan.


Our Starter plan now allows for 3 documents instead of 1! Need ideas of documents to share with your prospects? Here are a few that Pima’s users most commonly share....


Support for Excel and Word documents


With this new release, Pima adds support for Excel and Word documents, allowing you to share Security Questionnaires such as SIG Lite, CAIQ, NIST, VSAQ etc.

Support for a native HubSpot integration.


Connect HubSpot to Pima and generate leads every time a prospect requests a compliance document from you.



Notifications Some notifications aren't worthy of your time, so we are giving you the option to decide which on you want to get! With this new feature, you have full control over the amount of visibility you want to have within your organization....



Labels Having a hard time finding the right document to send? You can now use Labels to organize your Documents! This feature is particularly helpful for companies with a large amount of Documents. As a result, we have decided to integrate this f...



Create groups with and restrict access to confidential documents internally.

Search Companies & Access Pass Expiration


Search Companies & Access Pass Expiration January 15, 2021 We are excited to release two new features to kick things off in 2021. Search Companies From your Companies page, click on the top left Search icon and easily load up companies with whom...

Use compliance documents to increase lead generation


Use compliance documents to increase lead generation September 24, 2020 With this release, Pima is moving away from a single “Default” Request Center and adds support for multiple of them. Use Cases Blog Post & Press Releases Are you writing abou...

Company notes & Existing agreements


Company notes & Existing agreements August 11, 2020 With this release, you can add notes to a Company and upload existing agreements directly into Pima. Tired of tracking all your NDAs and DPAs on a spreadsheet? This feature is for you! Pima on t...

Resend an Envelope to your Contacts


Resend an Envelope to your Contacts July 30, 2020 With this feature, you can now resend an envelope to your contacts. This is an easy way to nudge a prospect who hasn’t signed an agreement yet. To access this feature, first, click on a Company n...

Send Documents to Multiple Contacts


Send Documents to Multiple Contacts July 28, 2020 You can now share Documents with multiple contacts. Simply add them to your Contact list within a company, or add them on the fly as you share a document with a company. Pick a signer and multiple...