Search Companies & Access Pass Expiration

Search Companies and additional security requirements with Access Pass Expiration options.


Search Companies & Access Pass Expiration

We are excited to release two new features to kick things off in 2021.

Search Companies

From your Companies page, click on the top left Search icon and easily load up companies with whom you’ve shared confidential documents in the past. This feature also works with Archived companies.

Access Pass Expiration

When sending an envelope to someone, Pima generates a unique access link to that email address. For security purposes, that link will only be valid for a single click to prevent the recipient from forwarding the email to a group of people that could access your confidential documents.

Sometimes, especially with large enterprise companies (SP500, banks etc.), a spam filter will click the link before the email arrives in your recipient’s inbox, rendering the link expired before your recipient could click on it. If you do not want the link to expire after a single click, you can now configure a period of time directly from your Settings.