Request Form Migration

Plan: Free and above


A lot has happened since the original version of Pima! One major change was the introduction of Packages in 2022, which lead to two different types of Request Centers:

  • Documents & Agreements
  • Packages

Over the past few years, we've noticed that most users have transitioned to the Packages Request Centers, particularly after introducing the new Trust Center feature which only supports packages.

Packages provide more precise permissions, a simpler way to safeguard Documents with Agreements, and overall, make it easier for users to share numerous envelopes with prospects and customers.

Therefore, we've decided to phase out the original Documents & Agreements Request Center in favor of the newly introduced Request Forms feature, accessible directly from the main page.

What does it mean for me?

You have four weeks to switch from the Documents & Agreements Request Center to the new Request Forms feature. You can do this manually by clicking the "Migrate" button in the settings of your Request Center tab. Alternatively, you can schedule a call with me at if you'd like assistance with the process.


What happens if I do not migrate my Request Centers?

If you don't migrate your Request Centers, the links will become inaccessible and display a 404 Not Found error.


If you have questions or need support, please reach out to